At Montano Wood Care we provide superior service, utilizing the top brand products and advanced technologies. Our skilled workmen are monitored by a pre-planned time schedule to maximize completion of your project with the ultimate quality, customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Turn to Montano Wood Care today for all your facility needs including:


Montano will expertly repair minor scratches recondition of damaged wood surfaces. Our touchup services repairs wood surfaces removing any visible scratches or damages. Our specialized techniques and extensive knowledge of wood types and natural colors combine the appropriate materials and techniques to match the grain of existing veneer or solid wood. Trust your valuable wood interiors and furniture to the expert team at Montano Wood Care Corp. a unique industry resource.



Rely on Montano for expert and complete restoration of wood surfaces in your elevator cabs, architectural woodwork and lobby furniture. When the wood surfaces in your facility are significantly damaged or discolored they need be refinished. At Montano we employ the most advanced methods for stripping and refinishing to completely restore the wood to its natural beauty and luster.

When refinishing is undertaken you have the option to match original finish or to change the wood color and finish. Whatever choice you make you can be assured the finished work will be of the highest quality. After a survey to determine the type and condition of wood, we supply custom made samples, prior the beginning of the refinishing. Our trained craftsmen will strip down the existing finish and utilize appropriate materials and the right refinishing techniques to complete your project.


An essential factor in protecting your capital investments is a carefully planned Montano Maintenance program. It will enable you to employ all of our skills to a program of preventative maintenance preserving the fine wood surfaces of your elevator cabs and architectural woodwork of your facility. Your facility will always maintain optimum beauty and freshness. We will be happy to provide you with a complimentary survey and a maintenance program to suit your needs. Our craftsmen have the knowledge and training to execute field finishing including repair, scratch removal, reconditioning, polishing, refinishing and preventive maintenance.

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