Is your reception area looking its best? Is it worn out and uninviting?

Change it now, with a full restoration by MONTANO WOOD CARE, experts in professional wood restoration and maintenance.

Lobbies and reception desks are subject to the most wear and tear in the facility. Often they age and deteriorate quickly and can have a negative effect on visitors and your image. No matter what condition they are in now, MONTANO can restore and maintain their natural beauty and elegance.

Onsite work is undertaken with maximum skill and safety. MONTANO utilizes the latest materials and technologies in setting up a hazard-free worksite. We provide the planning to complete the project in a timely manner with minimum disruption to your facility. Whether your project requires a complete restoration, refinishing, touch up of scratches, cleaning, oiling or French polishing, MONTANO will renew and revitalize your project to its original brilliance and natural beauty.

Protect your facility investment with MONTANO WOOD CARE.

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Montano Wood Lobby Restoration & Maintenance