From priceless antiques to fine quality contemporary furniture, you can trust your valuable interiors to the skilled team at MONTANO WOOD CARE, experts in restoration and maintenance.

If your fine furniture is showing signs of aging and deterioration, it’s time to turn to the experts at MONTANO WOOD CARE. Protect the value of your furniture investment and ensure its beauty and longevity with MONTANO WOOD CARE. We specialize in fine furniture restoration, repair and refinishing. After a careful analysis of the project, MONTANO will develop a work plan to fully meet your needs. We work onsite or transport your furniture to our workshop, where our skilled craftsmen will perform high quality techniques including; refinishing, restoring, staining, hand polishing, lacquering and more.

Regardless of the condition of the furniture, type of wood or design, the MONTANO team will deliver the complete restoration and maintenance package in a timely manner, with the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Protect your facility investment with MONTANO WOOD CARE.

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