New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area is home to some of the finest high-end properties in the world. We take pride in not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of some of the most demanding clientele.

High quality service is our number one priority along with complete customer satisfaction.

quality assurance

Responsive Customer Service

Our process begins right from our office. Our phones are answered by educated, professionals.  Experienced individuals whose responsibility it is to keep in constant communication with clients before, during, and after each job is completed. They are available to answer questions or address any concerns quickly and effectively.

Employee Training

Our employees undergo constant training with highly advanced techniques and demanding products. Our field employees are trained to execute the care and restoration of any type of wood ranging from common to exotic. Our field teams can also handle the finest, most delicate veneers.

Training starts in the shop with further repetition of craftsmanship done in the field once an employee can demonstrate efficient technique. In the field our employees work alongside a quality control expert. This extends into how our workers prepare for and complete each job. Our teams of experts are expected to pay meticulous attention to detail while performing their craft. Our field teams are also courteous and responsive on field sites. Team leaders make certain to leave every job site spotless so that the building staff can resume operations upon our team’s departure.

Our entire organization– from behind the scenes at Head Quarters to the frontline in the field are ready to conquer the most challenging, and ambitious jobs. We aim to complete our work while upholding the highest level of proficiency and standard of care. It is this commitment to quality that makes Montano Wood Care the industry standard.